Dr. Frauke Link and Verena Ziegler are the creative heads and founders of the idea to think fashion from the perspective of the individual body. Rather than adapting individual bodies to standardized norms and rules, the project explores the beauty of imperfection, identity and the arising of a new transient generation.

In an interdisciplinary PhD investigation, the project started from scratch and ignored the hitherto dominant assumptions about the historical art and rules of standardized sewing patterns, going back to some 150 years ago (E. Butterick, 1863) at the beginning

of the industrial age and capitalism. Instead, the project took an experimental body-centred approach to create algorithmically bespoke sewing patterns using off-standard intersection lines based on the individual body topology.

The project translates virtually processed 3D surfaces, generated from human body scan data via a mobile phone, into an anonymized avatar to generate clothing based on the individual body. The result is a completely new pattern design technique and pattern design aesthetic as the basis for developing mass tailoring sewing patterns.

Frauke Link is a mathematician (University of Hamburg/G, University of Freiburg i.Br./G) with a doctorate in didactics (Technical University of Dortmund/G), especially in the field of technical communication and problem-solving processes. She works at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance (HTWG Konstanz/G). Since 2016, she has been part of establishing the Open Innovation Lab at HTWG Constance, an interdisciplinary learn laboratory for digital fabrication technologies. She believes that the different technical languages of the trades and faculties hinder real innovation and that abstract patterns and structures help the translation processes, especially in the form-finding and fitting process of fashion, where crafting experiences merge with digital fashion production.

Verena Ziegler joined the Zurich University of Arts in Switzerland, Department of Interaction Design in 2013, after studying Architecture (Technical University of Stuttgart/G), Master of Arts in Textile Design, (University of Applied Sciences Reutlingen/G), Master of Design (Auckland University of Technology/NZ) and her currently being completed PhD thesis at Linz University of Arts and Design in Austria. She conducts research and teaches in the area of embodied interaction- and computational design, with an emphasis on new materialism and post-humanist theory. In Verena`s general research and various teaching formats, she explores utopianism futures through practical prototyping and building of experimental machines and robots, to explore post-digital, sensory and embodied engagements with technologies. 

M.Sc. Nico Bruegel
Institute for Optical Systems
Department of Computer Science
Univ. of Appl. Sciences Constance

Specialist for Surface parameterization

and segmentation

M.Sc. Felix Hinderer
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Constance

Specialist for Machine Learning and

animating body deformation in human

Collaboration Partners

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