OpenDress is global / local business model that entails the first artificial intelligence produced fashion collection. OpenDress produces bespoke algorithmic sewing patterns based on individual 3d body scans. The algorithmic customization of sewing patterns offers an alternative approach to sustainable and inclusive fashion production – without standardised rules, size ideologies and genderification – only made on order and locally produced. Creating standard fashion sizes was a good invention some 150 years ago (E. Butterick, 1863), at the beginning of the industrial age of capitalism, but has reached its limits today – even more is producing the second highest pollution

world wide (after oil catastrophes). Through virtual processing of 3D surfaces, generated from human body scan data, the parameterization through algorithms are a way to handle doubly curved surfaces (the body) with low distortion on 2D (paper or fabric) and off-standard intersection lines. The patented software application, called „algorithmic sewing pattern“ (ASP) is the heart of the new established business model in form of a global-local connected OpenDress platform, that offers a catalogue of customisable clothes, for sewing or commissioning to local sewing companies – to support a new era of craftsmanship 4.0.